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Feelings Vs. Logic

Spock and captain kirk

Satisfaction is not the cause of great work, it is the result. As humans, we are a feely bunch, and these feelings although sometimes confusing are generally well guided. It’s our interpretation of them that gets logically confusing. As feelings go, you have undoubtedly felt yourself vibrating before. Not in the literal sense, but that…

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Accidentally On Purpose


The hero’s journey is a tale as old as well, writing, or recorded history. From the moment humans started writing to communicate, and this includes cave drawings, we became storytellers. This is actually so prevalent in our species, it’s a part of epigenetic makeup. We communicate through stories. The most common being the Hero’s journey.…

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A Tale Of 3 Lives


Once upon a time… a kid. This is no fairy tale, it is a stark reality. Humans, at least in our experience with the work we do with many high performers, appear to live 3 different realities. The goal of all pursuits for us within the company is simple, increase performance. We have many ways…

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We Need To Talk About Your DAD


Fear not, before you think this is going to be talking about father issues, or the weird outfits your dad wears to barbecues, it’s not. We love new balances, his jorts are safe with us. What’s not safe though is your marketing. Particularly your interest, focus, and concept of what is marketing. We are gonna…

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