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why we’re different

What makes us different is our dedication to helping our clients discover freedom. We are very different from the “norm” in our industry. We won’t give you a template for marketing or tell you to “send out this many emails to get new clients.” Why? Because every Affiliate is different and has different goals. What we focus on is helping our people discover what their vision is. How they see their life moving forward. And then we help them understand what roadblocks exist that need to be moved in order to accomplish that vision.

We believe that the “norm” teaches you that the grind is ok. That it’s a necessity of life. That working 12 hours a day as a CrossFit coach is what’s expected. That never taking a vacation as an Affiliate owner means “joining the club.” This is opposite to what we believe at Fit-Filliate. Our purpose as a company is to help you get your freedom back. Freedom of time, freedom of money, freedom to take vacations, freedom to see your family. 

This is why we exist.


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Join us as we discuss all things related to owning a CrossFit Affiliate and helping Affiliate owners find freedom. Hosted by Tony Ronchi & Lisa Kirkman.



A podcast centered around helping CrossFit coaches build and attain wealth. Join us as we explore the CrossFit landscape, industry news, and so much more.

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