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money rolls

Trading Money For Time

Most of us have a memory or two of the brighter sides of childhood. Unending summer…

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Spock and captain kirk

Feelings Vs. Logic

Satisfaction is not the cause of great work, it is the result. As humans, we are…

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girl walking around gym

6 Questions To Clarity

Business is hard, it’s in no short order a virtual cornucopia of distraction. In any single…

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rugby players

Just Tell Me The Game Plan

I am thankful there is a screen, an internet connection, and software between us. On the…

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CF gym

And Sold…

If there is one concept to espouse that creates more confusion, resistance, and misunderstanding than selling…

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Accidentally On Purpose

The hero’s journey is a tale as old as well, writing, or recorded history. From the…

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A Tale Of 3 Lives

Once upon a time… a kid. This is no fairy tale, it is a stark reality.…

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We Need To Talk About Your DAD

Fear not, before you think this is going to be talking about father issues, or the…

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Join us as we discuss all things related to owning a CrossFit Affiliate and helping Affiliate owners find freedom. Hosted by Tony Ronchi & Lisa Kirkman.



A podcast centered around helping CrossFit coaches build and attain wealth. Join us as we explore the CrossFit landscape, industry news, and so much more.